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Folder Administrators (7 Files)
Sub Folder Personnel Action/Interview Log (2 Files)
pdf file Interview Log
pdf file Personnel Payroll Action-Revised
Sub Folder Extra Substitute Prior Approval Form (1 Files)
pdf file Extra Substitute Prior Approval Form
Sub Folder Disciplinary Action (2 Files)
pdf file Record of Conference Form
pdf file System Disciplinary Action
Sub Folder Job Vacancy (1 Files)
pdf file Job_Vacancy_Form_(1).pdf
Sub Folder Accident Report (1 Files)
pdf file Accident Report
Folder Employee Handbook (1 Files)
pdf file Employee Handbook
Folder Job Descriptions (83 Files)
Sub Folder Section 1- Administrative (11 Files)
pdf file 1.06 - Director Federal Programs.pdf
pdf file 1.07 - Special Education Coordinator.pdf
pdf file 1.04 - Assistant Superintendent.pdf
pdf file 1.09 - Payroll Human Resources Supervisor.pdf
pdf file 1.13 - Assistant Principal.pdf
pdf file 1.10 - Coordinator - Attendance Enrollment and Student Support Programs.pdf
pdf file 1.14 - Accounting Supervisor.pdf
pdf file 1.12 - Principal.pdf
pdf file 1.11_-_Coordinator_-EL_Program_Language_coach.pdf
pdf file 1.05-_Director_of_Teaching_and_Learning.pdf
pdf file 1.15 - Purchasing Manger
Sub Folder Section 2 - Classified (12 Files)
pdf file 2.06 - Secretary to Transportation-Maintenance.pdf
pdf file 2.05 - Assistant Migrant Recruiter.pdf
pdf file 2.02 - Receptionist - Secretary.pdf
pdf file 2.04 - Migrant Recruiter.pdf
pdf file 2.01 - Administrative Secretary to Superintendent and Board.pdf
pdf file 2.07 - Human Resources Clerk.pdf
pdf file 2.03 - Accounts Payable Clerk.pdf
pdf file 2.11 - Administrative Secretary.pdf
pdf file 2.08 - Special Education Secretary.pdf
pdf file 2.10 - Secretary.pdf
pdf file 2.09 - Payroll Clerk.pdf
pdf file 2.12 - System-Wide Aide.pdf
Sub Folder Section 3 - Certified (14 Files)
pdf file 3.13 - Music Teacher-Assistant Choral Director.pdf
pdf file 3.12 - Choral Director.pdf
pdf file 3.11 - Assistant Band Director.pdf
pdf file 3.07 - Psychometrist.pdf
pdf file 3.09 - Speech and Language Pathologist.pdf
pdf file 3.08 - Guidance Counselor.pdf
pdf file 3.02 - ELL-ESL Teacher.pdf
pdf file 3.06 - Gifted Teacher.pdf
pdf file 3.10 - Band Director.pdf
pdf file 3.01 - Teacher.pdf
pdf file 3.03 - Special Education Teacher.pdf
pdf file 3.04 - Media Specialist.pdf
pdf file 3.05 - Instructional Coach.pdf
pdf file 3.14 - Long Term Substitute
Sub Folder Section 4- Local School Clerical (3 Files)
pdf file 4.02 - School Secretary-Student Management Clerk.pdf
pdf file 4.04- Secretary to Guidance Counselors.pdf
pdf file 4.01 - Local School Bookkeeper.pdf
Sub Folder Section 5 - Transportation (8 Files)
pdf file 5.01 - Transportation Supervisor.pdf
pdf file 5.02- Certified Mechanic.pdf
pdf file 5.03 - Non-Certified Mechanic.pdf
pdf file 5.04- Bus Driver.pdf
pdf file 5.05 - Bus Aide.pdf
pdf file 5.06 - Secretary.pdf
pdf file 5.07 - Transportation Operations Assistant.pdf
pdf file 5.08_-_Transportation_Shop_Foreman.pdf
Sub Folder Section 6 - Community Education (6 Files)
pdf file 6.01 - Coordinator Community Education -Resource Development.pdf
pdf file 6.04 - OSR Auxiliary Teacher.pdf
pdf file 6.03 - OSR Pre K Teacher.pdf
pdf file 6.02- Assistant to Coordinator - Community Education.pdf
pdf file 6.05_-__Extended_Day_Teacher_-_21st_CCLC.pdf
pdf file 6.06____Extended_Day_Aide-_21st_CCLC.pdf
Sub Folder Section 7 - Maintenance/Custodian (6 Files)
pdf file 7.01 - Maintenance Supervisor
pdf file 7.02 Facilities-Safety-Energy Coordinator
pdf file 7.03 - Maintenance Worker.pdf
pdf file 7.04 - Custodian.pdf
pdf file 7.05 - HVAC Technician.pdf
pdf file 7.06 - Seasonal Worker
Sub Folder Section 8 - Child Nutrition (6 Files)
pdf file 8.02 - Assistant to Child Nutrition Director.pdf
pdf file 8.06 - Lunchroom Custodian.pdf
pdf file 8.05 - Lunchroom Worker.pdf
pdf file 8.04 - Lunchroom Assistant Manager.pdf
pdf file 8.01 - CNP Director.pdf
pdf file 8.03- Lunchroom Manager.pdf
Sub Folder Section 9 - Technology (7 Files)
pdf file 9.01 - Technology Supervisor.pdf
pdf file 9.02 - Network Administrator.pdf
pdf file 9.03 - Computer Technician.pdf
pdf file 9.04 - Technology Support
pdf file 9.05 - CCTV-VoIP Technician.pdf
pdf file 9.06 - Events Specialist.pdf
pdf file 9.07 - Network Specialist
Sub Folder Section 10 - Career Tech (6 Files)
pdf file 10.03 - Health Science Teacher.pdf
pdf file 10.02 - Hospitality and Tourism.pdf
pdf file 10.01 - Agriscience Instructor.pdf
pdf file 10.05 - Family and Consumer Sciences Teacher.pdf
pdf file 10.04 - Business Education.pdf
pdf file 10.06 - Head Athletic Trainer-Certified
Sub Folder Section 11-Health Services (4 Files)
pdf file 11.01 - Registered Nurse.pdf
pdf file 11.03 - LPN.pdf
pdf file 11.04 -Head Athletic Trainer.pdf
pdf file 11.02 - Lead School Nurse.pdf
Folder Mandatory New Employee Training (3 Files)
Sub Folder Erins' Law (1 Files)
pdf file Erin`s Law Instructions
Sub Folder Lee v. Macon (1 Files)
pdf file Lee v Macon
Sub Folder Suicide Prevention (1 Files)
pdf file Suicide Prevention
Folder New Employees (0 Files)
Folder Substitute Referral Program (1 Files)
pdf file Substitute Referral Program

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Albertville City Schools does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, disability or age in its programs/activities and provides equal access to the Boy Scouts and other designated youth groups. Pursuant to the requirements of the Every Student Succeeds Act of 2015 (ESSA) and the McKinney Vento Homeless Assistance Act as amended by ESSA, all homeless children, migrant, children in foster care and English Language Learners must have equal access to the same free appropriate public education provided to all children and youth. All programs offered by the schools within the Albertville City School System shall be open to all students in compliance with statutory and judicial requirements. The enrollment of homeless, migrant, children in foster care and limited English proficient children shall not be denied due to any of the following barriers: lack of birth certificate, lack of school records or transcripts, lack of immunization records, lack of proof of residency, lack of transportation or unaccompanied (no guardian). For information regarding the compliance of this statement you may contact Mr. Tim Tidmore, Director, Title IX, Section 504, McKinney- Vento and Federal Programs at 107 West Main Street, Albertville, AL 35950. Phone (256) 891-1183.

Albertville City School System seeks to find any child residing within Albertville City who has a disability, or that there is a perception of a disability, who may be in need of special services. This Child Find is in accordance with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act 1973 and The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act. If anyone knows of a child who is three (3) to twenty-one (21) years of age who may need to be evaluated for special services, please call Albertville City School Special Education Coordinator Tara Wilson at 256-891-1183, Ext. 209.