Albertville Magnet Academy Proposal

  • Albertville City Schools is seeking input on creating a new magnet school called the Albertville Magnet Academy (AMA). 

    The new Albertville Magnet Academy would serve as the technical education hub for students in Albertville City Schools. It would be housed in the new Career and Technical Education (CTE) building that is currently being built. 

    Students would have access to a career-focused curriculum, highly qualified teachers and an outstanding facility and equipment. Students can earn industry certifications and articulated college credit, participate in student leadership organizations and competitions, run school-based enterprises and work in local businesses.

    Students who are entirely focused on technical training would use AMA as their “home school.” Students who choose to stay enrolled at AHS and pursue a more standard academic education will continue to have CTE opportunities as well. 

    We want your feedback! To gauge support, the district is asking parents, teachers, staff and community members to email any questions and feedback to A community input meeting will also be held Nov. 29 at 5 p.m. at the Fine Arts Center. Details about the meeting are below.


    • Nov. 9 – Nov. 26: Submit any questions or feedback you have related to the Albertville Magnet Academy to Questions and feedback will be shared at the Nov. 29 community input meeting.

    • Nov. 29: We will hold a community input meeting on Nov. 29 at 5 p.m. at the Albertville Fine Arts Center. This is an opportunity for stakeholders to provide constructive input or ask questions related to the Albertville Magnet Academy. 

      • Stakeholders will sign up to speak at the meeting and will be called up to speak in the order in which they signed up. Each community stakeholder will have up to three minutes to speak to district leadership. 

      • Dr. Reeves will address questions submitted via email to by the Nov. 26 deadline.

      • The community input meeting will be livestreamed at 

      • Following the meeting, community questions and answers will be provided on this webpage. A recorded video of the meeting will be posted at that time as well. Please click here to view the meeting.

    • Dec. 5: A special called board meeting will be held at 6 p.m. to review the Albertville Magnet Academy proposal. The meeting will be held in the ACS Boardroom at 105 West Main Street in Albertville. Stakeholders interested in addressing the board should complete the required form by Nov. 27. Completed forms can be dropped off at the ACS Central Office located at 8379 U.S. Highway 431 in Albertville. They can also be emailed to

      • A recorded video of the meeting will be provided on this webpage following the meeting.

    • Jan. 16: At this regular monthly meeting, the Albertville Magnet Academy will be included on the agenda for a vote. The meeting begins at 6 p.m. in the ACS Boardroom at 105 West Main Street in Albertville.

      • A recorded video of the meeting will be provided on this webpage following the meeting.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    About Magnet Schools and the Albertville Magnet Academy

    What is a magnet school, and how does it differ from traditional public schools? 

    Magnet schools are innovative schools that provide high quality programs typically organized around a “theme” or area of interest, which in our case would be Career and Technical Education (CTE). They tend to be smaller schools, and they offer a more focused and individualized educational experience for students.

    • The Albertville Magnet Academy would work within existing Albertville City Schools, which means students would have full access to other resources within the school and the school system, including fine arts and extracurricular programs. 

    • We would offer dedicated classes with specific instruction, which will attract the finest and most dedicated students who are passionate about those CTE programs. 

    • Magnet schools better prepare students to advance their studies/career in an accelerated and specialized manner. The curriculum, and the professional development that supports it, promotes higher level cognitive thinking and uses a “hands on – minds on” approach to learning that is inquiry or performance/project based. 

    • Magnet schools consistently have higher attendance rates, graduation rates and lower drop-out rates. Plus, students receive more instructional time in their pathway. 

    Benefits and Costs of a Magnet School

    What are the expected benefits of a magnet school for the community?

    Magnet schools offer communities a range of benefits, including enhanced educational opportunities, improved academic performance, and greater school choice. They promote diversity, fostering cross-cultural understanding, and can attract residents and businesses, thereby contributing to community investment and economic development. A successful magnet school can enhance the community’s reputation and the entire school system’s quality. 

    Will there be any additional costs associated with the magnet school’s implementation?

    The first year of administration costs and the cost to equip the school would be the only financial implications for the school system to initiate a new magnet school. The new CTE building was made possible by funds set aside from Governor Kay Ivey. The city, nor the Albertville Board of Education, will be in any debt regarding the new facility. 

    Admissions, Curriculum, and Impact on Existing Programs

    How will students be selected to attend AMA?

    Students would be required to meet entrance criteria and would be chosen based on a competitive application process similar to the one used for the last two years. AMA will only be open to Albertville students. 

    Can students still participate in extracurricular activities such as sports, band, clubs, etc.? 

    Yes!  Students attending the magnet school would have the opportunity to engage in an array of extracurricular activities. Our aim is to provide a balanced and enriching education that goes beyond the classroom. 

    What specific pathways would AMA offer?

    AMA will provide hands-on training and education in the following pathways:

    • Additive Manufacturing

    • AggieVision: Advertising Design

    • AggieVision: Television Production

    • Agriscience: Animal Science

    • Agriscience: Building and Construction

    • Agriscience: Plant Science

    • Cybersecurity

    • Education and Training

    • Health Science: Medical Professionals

    • Precision Machining

    • Welding

    Students attending the magnet school would spend the entire day in the new state-of-the-art facility, where all of their classes will be housed. In addition to the specialized programs, magnet school students would receive comprehensive instruction in core academic and other essential subjects as well. One of the benefits of a magnet school would be extended instructional time in CTE pathways. 

    What CTE pathways will still be available to students enrolled at Albertville High School?

    Students who choose to stay enrolled at AHS will continue to have CTE opportunities as well. We are committed to ensuring that CTE programs continue to be available for all students, regardless of their choice to attend the magnet school or stay at AHS. These opportunities include:

    • Agriscience: General Agriculture

    • Business Administration Services

    • Culinary Arts

    • Financial Management Services

    • Health Science

    • Marketing

    • Sports Medicine

    • Recreation, Travel and Tourism 

    Students at the high school would also have the opportunity to participate in magnet school pathways.

    What about core subjects? Will those be taught at AMA as well?

    In addition to the specialized programs, students at the magnet school would receive comprehensive instruction in core academic subjects, which includes English, math, science, history, and other essential subjects. This ensures that students not only excel in their chosen fields but also maintain a strong academic foundation that prepares them for college and career success. 

    What about students who are already enrolled in CTE programs at AHS?

    Current enrolled students will be required to reapply for their pathway at the magnet school on an annual basis, mirroring the application process they have been following at the high school.

    Will bus transportation be provided for students attending AMA?

    Yes! Bus transportation will be provided for students attending the magnet school. 

    Will students be graduating from Albertville High School or the Albertville Magnet Academy? 

    Graduating from the magnet school will be a distinct achievement, and the diploma awarded will reflect this accomplishment. The diploma would bear the name and emblem of the magnet school, indicating that the graduate has successfully completed a specialized program in addition to core academic requirements. 

    How will the new school affect the existing schools in the district?

    The establishment of the magnet school would have no adverse impact on the existing schools within the district. Our aim is to create an additional education option, designed to enrich the choices available to students and families. The resources and focus allocated to the magnet school are separate, and it will operate in a way that does not disrupt the operations of our other schools. 

    Will this allow Albertville to change Alabama High School Athletic Association (AHSAA) classifications?

    While there is no guarantee, it is definitely a possibility. As a secondary benefit, the magnet school could possibly allow Albertville High School to be classified as a 6A program.

    What is the projected timeline for opening the magnet school?

    If the board votes in favor of establishing the magnet school, students will have the opportunity to apply this spring for the start of the 2024-2025 school year. 

    What happens if the board votes against the AMA?

    The decision to create a magnet school hinges on the board’s evaluation of the proposal and its potential benefits for the community. If the board votes against establishing a magnet school, the current educational system and practices will continue unchanged. Students will follow the existing curriculum and CTE pathways while attending Albertville High School. Time will also remain limited for CTE if we remain on a traditional high school schedule.