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Harassment Procedures

Why do staff members need to be concerned with Harrassment and Bullying?

  • Every 7 minutes a child is bullied in school.
  • 60% of boys who were known to be bullies in the middle grades had been convicted of at least one criminal offense by the age of 24.
  • Young people who become violent before age 13 usually commit more crimes; often they commit more serious crimes for a longer time.
  • Each year as many as 160,000 children nationwide stay home from school each day for fear of being bullied.
  • 43% of students who responded to a survey are fearful of being harassed in the BATHROOM.
  • In bullying incidents that were reported by students:

               an adult (teacher, staff or other) intervened  4% of the time.
               peers intervened 11% of the time.
               no one intervened 85% of the time.

No student shall engage in or be subjected  to harrassment, violence, threats of violence, or intimidation by any other student that is based on any of the specific characteristics.  Students who violate this policy will be subjected to disciplinary sanctions.

A Definition of Harrassment:

As used in the ACS Policy 6.10.2 Harassment means a continuous pattern of intentional behavior that takes place on school property, on a school bus, or at a school-sponsored function including, but not limited to written, electronic, verbal, or physical acts that are reasonably perceived as being motivated by any characteristics of a student or by association of a student with an individual who has a particular characteristic, if the characteristic falls into one of the categories of personal characteristics set forth in (students' race, sex, religion, nation origin; or disability).

The entire policy may be viewed in the
student section of the Policy Manual.

What can staff members do?

  • Be Proactive;
  • Implement a school-wide code of conduct;
  • Have clear consequences for inappropriate behavior;
  • Have a NO-TOLERANCE policy regarding harassment, bullying or retaliation;
  • TEACH students appropriate social skills, conflict resolution, and anger management techniques;
  • Remain diligent in teaching and reinforcing skills; don't take the band aide approach and think just because a lesson is taught that the job is done.

Links and Resources:

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(Permission Granted to use the Lessons on this website)
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