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24-25 Registration Information
Students will begin class registration during the week of March 25-29.
24-25 Registration Packet - This packet includes information regarding registration dates, course offerings, advanced and dual enrollment courses, prerequisites, credit recovery, and more.
24-25 Parent Presentation - This recording provides parents with general details regarding the registration process.
Course Offerings - 10th/11th/12th - 9th - These contain a list of the courses available to students.
Registration Forms - 9th - 10th - 11th - 12th - These forms will be provided to students.
Schoology Codes - Students can join these Schoology pages to find all registration information including a presentation with information specific to each grade level.
9th Grade Schoology - B2RD-K8B8-F576X
10th Grade Schoology - JX5G-TZM8-3X2PD
11th Grade Schoology - FXTG-2HXX-8558J
12th Grade Schoology - F3PF-M6FG-XXRXM