Welcome to Albertville Intermediate School! 


    We are very excited for the many opportunities for academic, social-emotional and extra-curricular growth this school year will provide. I would like to take this opportunity to share the Albertville Intermediate School story with you.


    We are a school which embraces and celebrates our diversity. We believe that Albertville Intermediate School,

    as well as all Albertville City Schools, provides our students with many “Advantages”. We strive to instruct

    our students and help them grow into well-rounded students in their transition from elementary to secondary education. Our diversity has provided many opportunities for growth. The following are just a few examples of student growth:


    ● Music and art are provided weekly to our students to enrich the educational experience and create more well-rounded students.

    ● Students take part in STEM/Robotics weekly using customized curriculum from Woz Ed to explore career pathway options for students.

    *Albertville City Schools is the first Woz Ed district in the state of Alabama.

    ● Our Social Studies department will utilize “Historical Literacy” time that includes over 100 minutes weekly of content material to encourage growth in our literacy skills across multiple subject areas.

    ● Robotics Team

    ● Competitive Math Team



    We are fortunate to be part of a school, a school system, and a community which provide so many

    advantages to our students. More importantly, I am glad to have the chance to work together with my

    staff, students, parents, and community to impact the lives of our students.


    Steven Hudgins, Principal