• The Albertville City School System provides technology to support teaching, enhance learning, and improve productivity. All Albertville City Schools' students are required to comply with the provisions herein. The use of technology in the Albertville City School System is a privilege, not a right. Students are responsible for their conduct when using Albertville City School System technology. Staff must supervise student use of technology at all times.
    As defined in this policy, the term technology includes, but is not limited to: all computers; printers, scanners, peripheral equipment; networks; Internet resources, including production of Web content, all forms of Web-based synchronous and asynchronous communication including electronic mail, and file transfer protocol; multimedia, video, laser, cable, TV, telephone, and fax equipment; language lab equipment; all software and files, including all user files generated from the use of the resources listed herein; as well as the supplies used to maintain technology.
    Technology Use
    Before students will be allowed to use any of the district's technology, parents and/or guardians of all students must sign and return the Acceptable Use section included in the Albertville City School System's Student Handbook at the start of each school year. Students in Grades 5 through 12 must also sign. Signature indicates understanding of this policy, and acceptance of liability for damages resulting from the intentional disregard of this policy. Students in grades 5 -12 may not log in under a generic or shared password unless there is an extenuating circumstance. Staff will enforce this policy. Students in their charge who have not returned the appropriately signed Acceptable Use section included in the Albertville City School System's Student Handbook will not use the Albertville City School System's technology.
    Internet Use
    The Internet contains a rich collection of educational resources which can enrich and extend instruction. Because it is an unregulated worldwide medium that is always growing and changing, it is the responsibility of Albertville City School System employees to ensure that students can make use of this resource safely and responsibly. Albertville City School System uses an Internet content filter that is compliant with the Child Internet Protection Act (CIPA), in that it blocks material that is obscene, pornographic, and in any way harmful to minors. All use of the Internet is monitored. Each student must take responsibility for his or her actions online. Any attempt to:
    • visit inappropriate web content, 
    • download files with or to Albertville City School System equipment, 
    • upload files to a site not approved by the Albertville City Schools, or 
    • communicate with anyone in an inappropriate, harassing or threatening manner will result in immediate revocation of computer privileges as well as possible disciplinary and/or legal action.
    Technology Code of Ethics
    • Students should respect the school's property. All technology is the property of the Albertville City School System. No one is to intentionally move, damage or tamper with district technology. 
    • Students should use technology for school-related, educational activities. 
    • Students should be courteous and use appropriate language. Do not harass, threaten or attack others, or use expressions of bigotry, racism, and/or hate. Do not send, display, or use profanity or obscene, explicit or offensive material. 
    • Students should protect their privacy and safety by not disclosing personal information such as your telephone number, address, location or password. Use only the password assigned to you. You are not allowed to use anyone else's password to access Albertville City Schools' technology. Students will be held responsible for activity on their account. Students should recognize and respect the intellectual property of others, including work and materials found online. 
    • Students should not attempt to view, seek, obtain, or modify information, or data or passwords belonging to others users. 
    • Students should adhere to Federal copyright laws and publishers' licensing agreements. 
    • Do not attempt to install software or download files for non-educational purposes using the Albertville City School System technology. 
    • Students should respect the integrity of the Albertville City School System's network. Do not attempt to circumvent or disable security measures including Internet filtering methods. 
    • Students should report user misconduct, suspected viruses and technical problems to your teacher immediately so that action can be taken to minimize possible damage to technology. 
    • Students should notify their teacher or other school personnel when they come across information or messages that are dangerous, inappropriate, or make them feel uncomfortable. 
    • Students should use technology responsibly. Consider the needs of others when using shared or networked computers, printers, or other technological resources.
    Violations of the Technology Code of Ethics
    Violations of the Technology Code of Ethics may result in loss of access to technology, disciplinary and/or legal action, including any resulting financial liability.