• Child Nutrition Program

    Welcome to the Albertville City Schools Child Nutrition Program (CNP)! The mission of our Child Nutrition Program supports our system's educational goal to provide Albertville students with excellent experiences while in our care. We know that students who are well-fed are ready to learn, making it our responsibility to provide all students with high-quality, nutritious and appealing meals each time they come through our cafeterias.  As we serve our students daily, we will happily do so in a safe, supportive and encouraging environment. 

    At Albertville City Schools, we offer breakfast and lunch meals to our students, all of which meet nutritional requirements for children as set by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Meals are provided to students in an “offer vs. serve” format, which allows them to decline up to two food items on the tray. A fruit or vegetable serving is required at both meals in order to meet specific federal nutrition guidelines set by the USDA. By meeting the established criteria, ACS remains eligible to receive financial reimbursement from the government. Monthly menus are posted on our website to help families make decisions about meals in advance of the school day.

    • The Linq Connect website will also have online versions of the school menu, which includes nutritional information. Printed copies will be available upon request.

    Community Eligibility Program

    Albertville City Schools will be participating in the USDA Community Eligibility Program (CEP) again for the 2024-2025 school year. CEP allows all students in our school system to eat breakfast and lunch at no charge each day. Meal applications will not be required in order for students to be able to participate. Any purchase of extra meals or a-la-carte items can be purchased with cash in hand or from the student meal account. Students will continue to use their assigned lunch number at the registers in order to ensure accurate record keeping. 

    USDA Civil Rights Compliance

    Albertville City Schools ensures compliance with USDA civil rights regulations in our School Meal Programs, promoting non-discrimination and equal access for all students. For more information, including how to file a complaint, please visit our USDA Civil Rights Compliance Page.

    Triennial Assessment Results

    The triennial assessment results for school cafeterias typically refer to evaluations conducted every three years to assess compliance with federal nutrition standards, meal quality, program effectiveness, and overall satisfaction of students and staff. These assessments help ensure that school cafeterias are meeting regulatory requirements and providing nutritious meals that support student health and well-being. Results may include data on meal participation rates, menu compliance with dietary guidelines, feedback from stakeholders, and improvements made based on previous assessments.

    WellSat 3.0 Report Card

    The WellSAT 3.0 report card is a tool used to evaluate and assess school district wellness policies. It provides a standardized method for measuring the comprehensiveness and strength of wellness policies based on specific criteria related to nutrition, physical activity, and overall health promotion. The report card typically includes scores and detailed assessments across various domains such as policy content, implementation, and evaluation methods. It helps school districts gauge their policy effectiveness, identify areas for improvement, and align their wellness efforts with best practices and regulatory requirements.

District Wellness Committee

  • Are you a parent, student, community member or local business owner in Albertville? We want to know your thoughts and opinions about student wellness in Albertville. 

    If you are interested in serving on the District Wellness Committee, please contact CNP Director Crissy Garner by email at crissygarner@albertk12.org or by phone at (256) 891-1183.