• Transportation

    The ACS Bus Shop is located at 404 Highland Avenue, Albertville, AL 35950.

    Route System

    • Students will be transported on K-4 routes and 5-12 routes. Parents need to make sure students are visible to the bus driver and get on the right bus for their school. 
    • Parents should make sure someone is home and visible for K-4 students. 
    • Bus drivers will not be responsible for students left unattended once they are dropped off at home. 
    • Buses do not go down every street nor stop at every driveway. Bus stops are determined by the Transportation Supervisor.

    Other Bus Regulations And Guidelines

    • At no time shall the Albertville City School System furnish any service(s), including but not limited, to transportation to and from school outside the city limits of the City of Albertville. In addition, we cannot pick up or drop off at relatives (grandparents, babysitters, etc.) if the student or guardians live outside the city limits. At no time will any students be picked up or dropped off at a business.
    • Office permission is necessary for a child to ride a bus other than the assigned bus. Permission will be granted only if the child has a note from the parents, in case of an emergency, or through parental contact. This procedure is necessary to prevent overcrowding of buses and to prevent a child from riding another bus without the parents' knowledge. Safety is our first concern. 
    • Parents are responsible for the damage their child/children do to a bus. 
    • The bus will not wait for tardy students. Parents are responsible for having children at the stop on time. 
    • While riding the bus, students will be under the supervision of the driver and obey the driver at all times. Drivers will report difficult students to the principal, who has the same authority over the student while on the bus as when the student is on campus. The principal may suspend bus privileges if misbehavior continues. 
    • The driver and the principal may assign seats on the bus. 
    • Cell phones, electronic toys, radios, fireworks, and other dangerous or potentially dangerous items are prohibited on the bus, just as they are on campus. 
    • Students who must cross the road or highway to enter the bus will always try to be on the right side of the road while waiting for the bus. If students arrive at the stop just as the bus approaches the stop, they will wait until the bus comes to a complete stop and the driver has signaled them to cross in front of the bus (unless the driver has instructed them to do differently). 
    • Students who must cross the road after leaving the bus in the afternoon will go to a point on the shoulder of the road ten feet in front of the bus and cross the road only after the driver has signaled them to cross.  

    Contact Information

    For more information, please contact the Transportation Department at (256) 891-6320.