ACAP Testing Device Reminder

April 3, 2023 - This month, we will begin administering the ACAP assessment. This is a state assessment that is required for all 2nd-8th grade students. As part of a secured testing environment, cell phones and other personal items will not be permitted into the classroom during testing. It is against test security policy to have any digital device other than the school assigned Chromebook in the testing room.
Cell phones and any other devices, including smart watches, will be collected and will not be permitted in the classroom during testing. Phones and other digital devices will be redistributed at the conclusion of testing each day. All students are aware of this policy. The digital device policy includes all secure state testing, including the ACT.
Please see the dates below for each school's testing window:
  • April 4th: AES students
  • April 5th-6th: APS (2nd grade only)
  • April 5th-6th: AIS (6th grade only)
  • April 10th-11th: AES students
  • April 11th: AHS (ACT for 11th grade only)
  • April 12th-13th: AIS (5th grade only)
  • April 17th-18th: AMS (8th grade only)
  • April 20th-21st: AMS (7th grade only)