• Pathways at AIA

    The Albertville Innovation Academy offers a diverse lineup of career and technical education programs designed to prepare students for success in a rapidly evolving workforce. From Additive Manufacturing to Cybersecurity, Precision Machining, and more, our programs provide hands-on experiences and essential skills for various industries. 

    These programs are not just for students who may not pursue traditional college paths. They also serve as a valuable stepping stone for students interested in furthering their education, including fields like engineering and teaching. Through hands-on experiences, rigorous coursework, and industry certifications, our programs provide students with the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in both college and career. Our programs serve as inclusive pathways that empower students to pursue their academic and career aspirations, whether they choose to enter the workforce directly or continue their education at the collegiate level. 

    In Additive Manufacturing, students master computer-aid design and 3D printing, while our AggieVision program in Advertising Design ignites creativity in visual communication. Television Production takes students behind the science of broadcasting, and our agriscience pathways explore Animal Science, Building and Construction and Plant Science. 

    For those interested in education, our Teaching and Training pathway offers a comprehensive overview of teaching and learning theories, coupled with practical internships and leadership opportunities. Precision Machining equips students with skills in blueprint reading, CNC programming, and more, while our Welding program ensures proficiency in various welding processes. 

    Work-Based Learning provides students with real-world experiences and mentorship, aligning academic content with workplace tasks. Join us in preparing the next generation of skilled workers and leaders through our dynamic CTE programs.