• AggieVision: Television Production

    Embark on a journey into the heart of storytelling with AggieVision: Television production. From behind-the-scenes operations to on-screen performances, students delve into every facet of television production. Gain hands-on experience in studio operations, photography, videography and editing, honing your skills for the always-evolving media landscape. 

    Whether writing scripts, producing content, or mastering the art of live broadcasting, our program prepares you for success in this dynamic industry. Join our community of creative minds and gain practical experience broadcasting Albertville High School events on AggieVision. Earn prestigious Adobe certifications in leading software, propelling your career forward in the exciting world of television production. 

    Program Overview

    Television Production provides students with a basic overview of television production skills and professions. Students participate in classroom and laboratory activities regarding all aspects of television performance, production, and operations. Students are also exposed to a variety of real-world learning opportunities through laboratory experiences in photography and editing. Students perform specialized roles in a regularly scheduled television program to include Television Production—Writing, Producing, and Performing, and Television Production—Studio Operations.  Students will also work to broadcast all Albertville High School events and extracurricular activities on Aggie Vision.

    Courses Offered

    • Introduction to Television Production (Required Foundation Course)
    • Television-Studio Operations
    • Television Production: Photography and Editing
    • Advanced Television Production
    • CTE Lab in Arts, AV, TV, & Communications
    • Senior Pathway Project - Arts, AV, TV, and Communications

    Credentials Students Can Earn

    • Adobe Certified Associate - After Effects
    • Adobe Certified Associate - Photoshop 
    • Adobe Certified Associate - Premiere Pro
    • Adobe Certified Associate - InDesign
    • Adobe Certified Associate - Illustrator 
    • Adobe Certified Associate - Dreamweaver 

    Employment Outlook

    Our Television Production pathway provides a solid foundation for various entry-level positions in the field, and further education can lead to more advanced career opportunities with greater responsibilities and higher earning potential. 

    For students graduating from a television production program without pursuing further education, there are several entry-level job opportunities available in the field. These may include:

    • Production Assistant: Production assistants provide support to the production team in various capacities, including setting up equipment, running errands and assisting with administrative tasks. They gain valuable experience working on sets and studio productions. 

    • Camera Operator: Camera operators are responsible for operating cameras during filming or live broadcasts. They capture the action according to the director’s instructions and ensure that shots are framed correctly and in focus. 

    • Video Editor: Video editors assemble raw footage into cohesive sequences, adding transitions, effects and sound to create a polished final product. They may work on projects ranging from commercials and promotional videos to television shows and documentaries. 

    • Studio Technician: Studio technicians assist with the setup, operation and maintenance of studio equipment, including lights, cameras, microphones and control boards. They ensure that technical aspects of productions run smoothly. 

    • Content Producer: Content producers oversee the creation of multimedia content for television, online streaming platforms and social media channels. They may develop concepts, coordinate production schedules and manage budgets for various projects. 

    For students interested in advancing their careers and taking on higher-level roles, pursuing further education, such as an associate's degree or bachelor’s degree, can open up additional opportunities. Jobs that may require further education include: 

    • Broadcast Producer: Broadcast producers manage the production process for television programs, news broadcasts, or live events. They oversee all aspects of production, from scriptwriting and casting to filming and post-production. 

    • Director: Directors are responsible for guiding the creative vision of a production and directing actors and crew members to achieve that vision. They make artistic decisions regarding camera angles, lighting and pacing to create compelling content. 

    • Cinematographer: Cinematographers, also known as directors of photography, are reps responsible for the visual aspects of a production, including camera placement, lighting design and shot composition. They work closely with directors to achieve the desired look and feel of a project.

    • Video Producer: Video producers oversee the production of video content from concept to completion. They may manage budgets, hire crew members and coordinate logistics to ensure that projects are completed on time and within budget. 

    Student Organization

    Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) is a nonprofit student organization committed to preparing today’s students for success in business leadership. With over 70 years of developing future business leaders, Alabama FBLA develops members’ leadership potential and business content knowledge, preparing them for college and career. FBLA is an important partner in the success of school-to-work programs, business education curriculums, and student leadership development.

    Faculty Contact

    Billy Dunn | billydunn@albertk12.org