What is a magnet school, and how does it differ from traditional public schools?

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Magnet schools are innovative schools that provide high quality programs typically organized around a “theme” or area of interest, which in our case would be Career and Technical Education (CTE). They tend to be smaller schools, and they offer a more focused and individualized educational experience for students.

  • The Albertville Innovation Academy is a public school within the ACS system, which means students will have full access to other resources within the school and the school system, including fine arts and extracurricular programs. 

  • We will offer dedicated classes with specific instruction, which will attract the finest and most dedicated students who are passionate about those CTE programs. 

  • Magnet schools uniquely integrate CTE with a strong academic focus, providing students with a comprehensive educational experience that not only prepares them for college but also equips them for the skills needed for successful careers or military service. 

  • Magnet schools better prepare students to advance their studies/career in an accelerated and specialized manner. The curriculum, and the professional development that supports it, promotes higher level cognitive thinking and uses a “hands on – minds on” approach to learning that is inquiry or performance/project based. 

  • Magnet schools consistently have higher attendance rates, graduation rates and lower drop-out rates. Plus, students receive more instructional time in their pathway.